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A one storey extension
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Utility room walls
Thursday, 9th August: I first built the frame on the door wall...
Cut a piece of plasterboard to size and cut holes for the light switch and power point.
I then nailed the board to the frame...
I finished by building the frame around the door and adding the plasterboard. All I need to do is fill holes and sand and add plasterboard around the edge of the door.
Friday, 10th August: Spent the day plastering, filling and sanding.

I also added the architrave around the back door.
Saturday, 11th August: Filing and sanding, filling and sanding.

The only light relief came from fitting the architrave around the ceiling access hole.

Nearly there though!
Monday, 13th August: I painted the ceiling white today.
The other half of the ceiling
Tuesday, 14th August: Undercoating wood work today...
The other half of the ceiling
Tuesday, 14th August: Undercoating wood work today...

The window frame and the door...

I ordered the 22mm double glazing units for the windows today - it'll take a week and then I can finish the windows.
Wednesday, 15th August: I installed the new internal door between the extension and the kitchen today.

Painted the woodwork with white gloss paint.
Friday, 17th August: I gave the walls an initial coat of emulsion.

I also added some of the wall cladding so that I could get the radiator it it's final position.
Saturday, 18th August: I fitted the utility room light and the extractor fan (as required by by the Building Regulations Surveyor today.

I also had to use an energy saving bulb - again for the Building Regulations Surveyor.

The string on the left is the extractor on/off pull.
I finished putting cladding on the window wall this morning...
I'm very happy with the result.
Sunday 26th August: I cut a piece of 12mm MDF to cover the access to the loft.
Monday, 27th August: I assembled and installed the utility room cupboard today.
Wednesday, 29th August: I fixed the last section of cladding this morning.
Sunday, 2nd September: Out with the paint brush today! I undercoated the cladding...
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