Still more demolition - My House Extension

A one storey extension
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Still more demolition
Friday, 6th April: The morning was spent clearing the big pile of rubble. If I had known there would be so much, I would have ordered a skip!

A serious mistake when you see the size of the pile at the end of this page!

I cleaned a lot of bricks as well so i should be able to use these in the below foundation brick levels.
As I had a bolster hammer on hire, I thought it would be worthwhile taking off the render on the house to just above the DPC layer. As this part of the house was built in the early 19th century you can see that they pour pitch on the bricks.

Even more interesting, you can clearly see the different colour of the damp bricks below the dpc level. It was clearly not a good idea to bridge the dpc with the render that was applied in 1932 when the house was extended.
I started digging out the steps which were full of soil and rubble.
Nearly cleared the area now, and you can see the main house drainage pipe coming from the house and entering the inspection chamber.

This is higher that I thought but it will probably be covered up with steps up to the door as it when outside.

It could certainly effect where I will have the dpc level in the extension and I may have to have a step in the floor.
Today was REALLY hard work. The first outcome is shown in the picture above.

The second outcome is a big pile of reclaimed bricks.
The third outcome is a big pile of rubble and soil.

I guess I'll need to order a skip after Easter.

Still nearly there now and getting nearer to digging the foundations.
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