Finishing the windows - My House Extension

A one storey extension
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Finishing the windows
Tuesday, 21st August: Well, my biggest cock up throughout the whole of the extension build happened today.

I went to pick up my double glazing units and found them to be the wrong size.

I had written down 609mm rather than 909mm. I've no idea how this happened as I checked all three windows and wrote the sizes down on a piece of paper at the time.

What a pain!

Oh yes, I've ordered some more. This mess cost me £100...
Monday, 3rd September: I picked up the double glazing units today and wonder upon wonder they actually fitted this time! Phew!
I will fix them in place with beading probably tomorrow.
This is how a complete window looks.

It doesn't two minutes since I started building the windows from bits of wood...
Tuesday, 4th September: I fixed the double glazing units in place using some beading nailed to the frame.
Wednesday, 5th September: More painting today and I fitted the window door furniture.
Thursday, 6th September: I painted the soffit boards white today.
Monday, 10th September: I fitted a white Venetian blind on the large window
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