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A one storey extension
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Plumbing the extension
Wednesday, 13th June: I'm now starting to think about plumbing the extension. I've bought some in-screed channelling that I will use to feed around two 15mm copper central heating pipes to two radiators.

As they are 50mm deep, I will place 10mm wood spacers below them to bring the tops of the channelling flush with the surface of the screed.
Friday, 22nd June: I temporarily fitted the towel radiator in the shower room after  fitted noggins at the right height.
This is where the shower will go.
And the toilet...

Tomorrow I will probably start the plumbing.
Saturday, 23rd June: The skip company came and picked up the skip. At long last all the debris is gone and the garden is beginning to resemble normality.
I've started positioning the plumbing before I do any soldering. It's always best to do this first as I have found out in the past!

This is will be the cold water feed to the shower and, going off to the right to feed the cistern, sink and washing machine (I need to shorten the 22mm mains feed pipe yet).
I positioned the sink on the wall and placed the waste pipe.

The pipe uses uses a separate feed into the main drain pipe. The pipe at the lower right-hand side will eventually be connected to the washing machine.
This the radiator in the utility room - I've started to lay out the pipes that will be connected to the house's central heating system.
This is the pipe layout around the heated towel rail. I've used a cross-over connector to jump the second pipe.

Tomorrow I will start by finishing and soldering the cold water pipes.
Sunday, 24th June: I always use brass pipe connectors that are pre-soldered inside the joint as I've always found these to create reliable connections.

All else you need is a tin of flux, some wire wool to clean the pipe ends and a gas blow torch.
I spent the day plumbing - and swearing!

Here is the modified mains water feed feeding 15mm pipes to the shower and cistern / washing bowl.
The washing bowl is now working except for the hot water feed from the kitchen.

No leaks!
This is the central heating plumbing all soldered to the towel heating rail .
The central heating pipes feed the utility room radiator.

Tomorrow I will connect  the heating pipes to the house system and hope there are no leaks.
Monday, 25th June: I connected the new extension radiators to the existing house central heating. Refilled the system and crossed my fingers that I would have no leaks.

Great! It all works fine and I now have a heated extension.
Thursday 18th June: I don't seem to have achieved much to day as I have been doing a number of small jobs and the day has flown by. I didn't work on the extension yesterday.

I've moved the pipe and it's now in the correct position for the shower unit. I've also added a couple of battons to screw the shower  to.
I've extended the cold pipe into the utility room and added the hot water pipe which I need to connect through to the kitchen.
Friday, 29th June: I cut the covers for the in-screed pipe channels from 10mm thick board.

Yep! I have a leak, fortunately not from a soldered joint.
Friday, 29th June: I wasn't happy with the sink waste feed as it would be awkward to get to once I had plaster boarded, so I decided to turn it by 90 degrees.

That's pretty much all the plumbing completed now!
Monday, 9th July: No it isn't!

Today was an interesting day; a bit of plumbing, a bit of electrics, a bit of painting and a bit of woodwork.

I started to plan the hot water pipe that feeds the basin from the kitchen.

There is going to be lots of bends on this run!

Tuesday, 10th July: I soldered the hot water pipe from the shower room to the kitchen.

I had a few leak problems but there are 15 elbow joints - that's my excuse anyway...

I can now wash in warm water!
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