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Adding roof insulation
Sunday, 10th June: Here are the five sheets of Celotex (Kingspan) 90mm roof insulation ready to install.
I was going to have a lazy day today, however I just jumped into installing the roof insulation.

Mind you, I wish I hadn't!

Hindsight is a marvellous thing! Maybe I should have installed the insulation from the outside before I tiled. I could have just laid the sheets of insulation across the joists. The I could have marked the distance between the joists onto the insulation quite easily.

Doing it from the inside  has proved to be quite difficult. The insulation has no 'give' at all in it so the insulation has to be precisely cut or just will not fit.

This is very difficult to do, so I ended up up resorting to using a sharp carving knife to trim the insulation as I fitted each piece. Not easy! The result is not as neat as I would like but as it will not be seen I'm won't lose too much sleep worrying about it.
When you saw the insulation it creates a large volume of dust that gets absolutely everywhere. This does not make the job camera friendly, so I did not take too many photos. My camera is already playing up because of dust getting into the zoom mechanism - I hope it survives the project!

I completed half the roof this afternoon so I should be able to complete the job tomorrow.

Monday, 11the June: I completed the installation of the roof insulation today. Plus, lots of trips to the tip to start getting rid of the mounds of rubble!

I've booked a visit from the Building regulations Surveyor for Wednesday.

Wednesday, 13th June: Building Control visit Stage 8 - roof insulation: The Building Control Surveyor came today and was happy with all the work. The only thing I need to add is an additional layer of 50mm insulation that covers the existing insulation and roof joists.
Thursday, 14th June: I installed the 50mm insulation as requested - it was a bit easier than installing the 90mm insulation between the joists.
It certainly should be warm in the winter! I can progress to screeding the floor now that the roof is finished.
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