Ten years on - My House Extension

A one storey extension
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Ten years on
It is now 2018 and ten years on since I built the extension. I have to say that I'm still very pleased with the result as the extension is used every day. I can't imagine the house without it now!

On consideration, there is little I would change but there are one or two things I would not do again.

These are:

1 I would not put the radiator plumbing in trays in the slab as this can be problematical. I would route the pipes around the wall behind the plasterboard.

2 I would not insulate the roof by putting insulation between the rafters as proposed by the building control inspector. I would just put 300mm of insulation on top of the internal ceiling. It was just too much trouble to do as I did.

3 Interestingly, I think that the young building control inspecitor at the time was rather over zealous at the time for whatever reason and I would doubt that in 2018 they would not visit quite so often as he did!

4 I would not undertake the 2nd fit of electral circuits. As I found out in more recent builds, getting an electrician to come and check and sign off your work is a practical impossibility these days.

Chris September 2018

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