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A one storey extension
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Finishing the gable ends
I managed to get hold of some 25mm treated waney edge boards to use on the two rear facing gables and I completed the door gable. I just need to sort out the barge board on the lower left-hand side. The boards will stained black - eventually.

You can now see why the tiles overhang the wall by 70mm as they cover the waney edged wood quite nicely.

Also, the roof insulation arrived today.
Saturday, 9th June: I finished the barge board for the door gable first thing and inserted a length of soffit board (the horizontal board).
Next was to complete the kitchen gable. Again, this was covered with waney wood as the other existing gables on the house on the north side are finished this way.
In the afternoon we started on the main south gable which matched the garage. We didn't quite finish.
Sunday, 10th June: I finished the waney wood feature on the the south facing gable this morning. The wood will be painted black and I need to render over the block work and then paint it white.
Wednesday, 13th June: I used a number of small plates to hold mesh in the areas I need to render.

This makes the task rendering quite straight forward.
It didn't take too long to render the three panels. I'm not sure whether I will add a final slip coat - I'll see what it looks like as I don't want it too perfect!

I also took the opportunity to fill the gaps in the render of the old wall I had to cut away.
I also cut up some quarry tiles to use as the sill for the small window. These have been cemented in at a slight angle so that rain water will run away.
Saturday, July 7th: While waiting I I tiled the main window sill.
Sunday, 8th July: I painted the south end gable to match the rest of the house.
Saturday, 21st July: I painted the wooden gable ends and added the guttering.
Sunday, 22nd July: After I painted the facia boards black I've now done the rain guttering.
I put gutter brackets at either end with the one next to the drainpipe being lower by 15mm.

I made sure all the intermediate brackets were at the right heights by putting a length of string between the two end brackets and stretching it tight.
This shows the felt under the tiles feeding into the gutter.
The down pipe at the south end of the extension.
Tuesday, 24th July: This is the exhaust grill fitted in the outside soffit panel - also fixed today.

The panel just needs to be painted white at some stage.

The work never finishes...
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