Pouring the slab - My House Extension

A one storey extension
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Pouring the slab
Friday, 27th April: The big day has arrived!

I removed a fence panel and created a 2 metre chute in case it was needed. Evidently, the lorry has a 14 foot long chute but this is shortened by several feet if it feeds side on.

So, just in case I built a chute to extend its reach. It's better to be safe than sorry!

All ready for tomorrow!

Guess what? It rained today for the first time in weeks!
Just in case, I cut some struts to support the shuttering. I don't want to even contemplate the problems we would have if one broke and the concrete poured out onto the foundations!
Ready mixed concrete: It's interesting that the ready mix supplier mixes the concrete 'on the fly' and only charges for the amount of concrete used. When ordering the concrete you need to know what mix to ask for. The typical different mixes that can be supplied can be found listed here. The mix I am going to use is known as RC30 for use in floors with embedded steel.
The concrete is mixed as needed on site and you only get charged for what you use.

And boy, does it arrive quickly once it starts flowing!
Shovelling from one end of the extension to the other was the task.

I can tell you it was hard work!

Unfortunately, I fell over and ended up sitting in the concrete! It's a real pity there was no one around to take a photo...
Then came the levelling.
The floor  consumed about 1.75 cubic metres of concrete in the end.

I'm pleased that I shored up the shuttering as my chute broke half way through under the weight of the concrete sitting in it.
All I can do now it to wait for it to set...

I reckon I have the bulk of the hard work behind me now. It seems strange that I only started the extension on the 1st April - The demolition starts! - 27 days ago. I'm surprised that I have got so far in such a short time. Pleasing though.
The slab when dry
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