Initial design sketches - My House Extension

A one storey extension
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Initial design sketches
To attach to my To-Do I need to complete a planning application form and to start costing up the proposals. I also needed to create some initial sketches on the the extension. For a simple extension, such as the one I was planning, can be created quite quickly using a program such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

Of course, if you are undertaking a significant build you will need to find a professional architect to create a proper set of designs and drawings that would be needed in those circumstances.
The 1:500 sketch of the plot
Following my meeting with the planning department, they asked me to show the position of the garden shed in relation to the extension and the location of the previous small extension to my garage.
The 1:50 plan sketch of the extension
This is a plan view of the extension. The length is determined simply by the space available, while the width is determined by slope of the existing roof over the kitchen and back door and the minimum height of the extension wall to accommodate a standard door. Another consideration is the the inside of rear wall of the extension should miss the existing drain inspection cover as I do not wish to move all the drains.

The plan shows the position of the drain inspection cover, the main drainage pipes, the door, windows and the internal stud wall separating the toilet shower space from the rest of the utility room.
The 1:50 side and end view sketch of the extension
The side view shows the roof line (approximately 45 degrees) and the position of the door and windows. The extension will be built on land with a slight slope with the land being around 25cms (10") higher on the right-hand side of the extension. The large window on the right is an existing kitchen window .
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