Finished extension - A detailed photo record of building a two storey extension in the UK

A two storey extension
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The finished extension
On my web site dedicated to building the single storet utility room extension I went into great detail about how the internal rooms were fitted out, utilities added, plasterboarding etc. so I do not feel the need to replicate that detail here.

What I will show is what the final extension and rooms looked like when we had finished the work a few months later. I undertook all that work with helen's help but we had no need to rush.

The shell was erected in less than a month but it took us five months to complete the inside work fitting out the dining room, walk-in dressing room and en site bathroom.

Having now lived in it for two years I cannot think why we did not build it earlier!

Our principle goal in the design of the extension was to make sure it does NOT LOOK LIKE AN EXTENSION! I think we have achieved this goal - even more so when we paint the rest of the house.
The finished two-storey extension
The back of the extension
The walk-in dressing room
The corner windows in the walk-in dressing room
The doorway into the walk-in dressing room.
The en-suite window
The en suite showing what remains of the old upstairs landing window.
The finished dining room
The finished dining room
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