Building walls - A detailed photo record of building a two storey extension in the UK

A two storey extension
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Building the walls
We were away on holiday for a week in the South of France when Michael and Jason started to build the walls but quick progress was made while I was away or maybe because of it!).
The window lintels and the oak column are put in place in the corner of the downstairs window.
More blockwork completed almost taking the wall to the second storey.

Scaffolding is now in place to reach higher up the wall.
While I was away my carpenter came along and constructed the floor.

The underside of the floor.
I had alreday removed a few tiles and cut through the facia and soffit boards to create clearance for the top of the wall.
Yes!!!! The windows fit!
Helen in the old bedroom window that will be removed in due course.
A hard job but someone has to do it. I carried a lot up myself as well to save time.
Pile 'em high!
Laying blocks on the upper floor.
Michael fitting the wall hangers for the upper-storey wall.
The upstairs innner-skin blockwork comes along.
The en-suite window.
Cutting blocks to fit - this created terrible dust.
Jason getting those damn corners square.
Fitting the lintel above the en suite window
"How does this fit Chris?"
Fitting the lintels on the upstairs walk-in dressing room windows.

Don't ask me how I got the oak post upstairs as it would be embarrassing for me to explain. It was a real struggle with some damage done!
Blocks up to the 4" by 2" wall plate now.
Full height scaffolding in place now.
The roof trusses should fit shouldn't they?

One truss was used to provide a guide to building the gable-end block work.

I decided to buy twelve of these rather than build the roof from scratch as it would save time.

Luckily ( or skillfully ) they fitted to within one centimeter!
Building up the gable end.
The completed gable end.
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