The original 1930s garage - A photographic record of building a double garage / workshop

A garage extension
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The original 1930s garage
The single garage that was build in 1932       
The spare piece of land next to the garage that we would put to good use.       
The garage was built in a very interesting way in that the builders used any old thing to construct it. I have to say that we really liked this and we had to preserve it in the new garage build come what may.       
This was the original garage window and the picture shows more of the 'crazy' wall.       
And, lastly the back part of the garage that I had already extended quite a few years ago!

Can you tell where the original wall ends and the new one began?

Whatever, this project would entail me knocking down one of my own first builds!
My original SketchUp drawing the the planned double garage - a lot bigger than the old one!
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