Demolition begins - A photographic record of building a double garage / workshop

A garage extension
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Demolition  begins
The first task that Helen and I had to undertake was the dismantling of the old garage but I had to protect some shaped bushes before we started.
We started by taking the tiles off the roof.

These are the very same tiles that we only paid to laid when reroofing the entire house several years ago!
Gradually stripping back.       
Stripping more tiles - it was great doing in the sunshine on a winter's day in January.   
We start to remove the battons now.       
And now some of the joists on the back of the garage.       
Stripping the battons from the front.
Most of the roof removed now.
Starting to carefully knock down the walls as I want to reuse as many of the bricks as possible in the new extension.
I've taken the window out now.       
Looking from the front.        
Helen helping.       
Nearly there - we are keeping the back wall of the existing garage which I built a few years ago and just extending it with the new wall.     
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