Placing the steels - A photographic record of building a double garage / workshop

A garage extension
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Placing the steels
As we were going to be using material lifter equipment to lift the steels I needed to create a flat floor to use them as they only have small wheels.
Finishing off the brick columns ready for mounting the front steel.
Michael doing what builders do :>)
Laying the wood wall plate.
The front steel in place ready to lift.
Heaving the ridge steel into place using scaffolding pole rollers. No, I didn't volunteer to help.
The lifts in place all ready to lift.
Here we go!
Easy peasy - and safe!
Lifting the ridge steel into place.
All done. More blocks needed to be put in place to get the ridge steel to the correct height.
The view from the side.
We used padstones to mount the steels as they cannot rest on blocks as they are too weak.
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