Planning issues - A photographic record of building a double garage / workshop

A garage extension
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TPO planning issues
One of the big issues I had with  this build not faced in any other I've undertaken was to do with the  council's planning department.

I  have two very large trees in my front garden - one large beech and one large oak  tree. Both of these had Tree Presevation Orders (TPOs) on the and the  garage extension would infringe on the protected area under each of the trees. I  had to spend a goodly amount of money paying for an arborial report to  satisfy planning that I would not damage the tree roots and 'obey' their rules.

The  issue was that I was not allowed to cut any roots greater that 20mm -  only those less that this diameter. If there were any big roots  encroaching into the area where I was proposing to extend the garage, I  would have to bridge them somehow. I really did not want to come across a problem when we had started to dig the foundations as it would hold things up, I decided to hire a specialist  contractor using an 'air gun' to blow away soil so we could see whether  there were any roots without damaging them. This all seemed very onerous to me but there we are...
This plan shows the extent of the tree presevation area which extends well into the house!

I was not allowed to use any mechanical equimanrt in the area. Foundations much be dug by hand.

This was going to mean some heavy work.
Using an air gun to dig test foundations.
The trench excavated by the air gun.
Some of the roots greater than 20mm uncovered. At least I now know they are there and I can plan a strategy to satisfy the council arborist.
This was my proposal for bridging the roots. It meant me using several concrete lintels in the foundations to allow the roots to pass through.       
A lot of inspecting going on! The tree consultant had to look at the roots for his report.       
One of the roots ran a long way into the area where the slab would sit.

How on earth could we bridge this?
The fences I needed to put up as demanded by Tree Preseravatioon Order procedures.       
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