Filling the foundations - A photographic record of building a double garage / workshop

A garage extension
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Filling the foundations
The concrete lorry arrived and the concrete had to be wheelbarrowed to the site of the foundations.       
Michael filling the 'barrow.
Checking the levels as the foundations needed to be stepped.       
All good!
It didn't take much more than half an hour to complete the job.

You can see the locations of the lintel bridges in this aerial photo. Those roots are causing me quite a few problems!
I put the cast concrete lintels in place to check that they fitted.

You  can see the trouble the roots caused quite clearly now! I had to raise the  height of the slab by probably 25cm to accommodate the lintels. Of course  this would mean that the drive would have raised as well unless I could think of a solution.
You can see exactly why builders try to cut corners in the presense of TPOs.

By the way, neither the council arborist or the tree consultant, who wrote the expensive report, came by to check that I was meeting my planning and TPO commitments during the build. Mpst disappointing I felt.

We cut and fitted the slab reinforcement mesh that I had already ordered and was on site beforehand.
Cementing in the lintels to bridge the roots.       
Laying the lintel over the big root!
This picture clearly shows one of the roots. I took plenty of photos to so that I  would be able to demonstrate to whoever might be interested that I had met  my obligations. No one ever did (including building control) check.
I even protected the root as it went into the slab space. Personally, I think the roots would have died anyway in the long run.
Another bridge.
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