Making the gable ends - How to build a gree oak wood store in the UK

A green oak wood store
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Making the gable ends
Laying out the gable end and trying to figure how it will look and where the joints will go.
The joints on the end of the gable-end cross pieces.
The mortice for the gable end cross pieces.
Fitting the gable ends together for the first time and trying to get all the angles correct.
Using the first piece as a master I marked up the other two cross pieces.

There are two end gables and one in the middle of the roof.
The two end gables.
Starting to cut the other parts of the gables.
Using the bench saw to cut the mortice joints.
The upright being cut to size.
How the components of the gables fit together.
The four pieces ready for shaping.
The four pieces of oak now shaped using the band saw.
The shaped supports to allow the marking up of the mortices that will need to be cut.
The edges of the supports have been chamfered to match the braces.
The gables pulled together to fit the pegs that will hold them together.
The peg holes have now been drilled.
The pegs ready to be inserted. One end has been chamfered off to that when they are knocked through it does not split the oak when comes through the other side.
The assembled gable end before all the pegs are cut off to withing 10mm of the gable end.
The trimmed and cleans pegs.
The two completed gable ends.
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