Tiling begins! - A detailed photo record of reroofing a detached house i thr UK

Reroofing a detached house
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The roof tiling starts!
Early one morning a rather large lorry arrived at the gate.
Unloading begins...
We used Imerys Val de Seine tiles and the following quantities were delivered:

Tiles: 9000
Eave tiles: 440
Tile & half: 330
Valley tiles: 56
Bonnet tiiles: 22
Ridge tiles 37
Quite a pile of tiles!
First job is to stack the tiles on the roof ready for laying.
Tiling starts!

To match the style of the old roof, an uplift at the edge of the roof is required.

To achieve this upside-down tiles are laid at the edge.
Progress    is quick.
Works starts on the side roof.
Nearly there.
On and on.
Cutting the tiles to fit.
The    front is pretty much done.
Laying the valley tiles on the new hip roof.
The    hip roof starts to look pretty good.
Tiles are laid up to the edge ready for the fitting of the hip tiles.
Work proceeds around the back of the house.
The valley at the back of the house is tiled.
The eave on the back of the house.
Good progress is made today.
The bonnets are temporarily laid out on a back corner.
Laying these tiles did not take too long.
This shows the short eave tiles ready to be capped with the ridge tiles.
A view of the partially tiled new hip roof looking down.
How the tiles are stored on the roof before tiling begins.
The apex of the main roof - this quite high up!
Looking down from the apex of the roof.
The tiling of the back of the garage roof begins.
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