Leading the chimneys - A detailed photo record of reroofing a detached house i thr UK

Reroofing a detached house
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Leading the two chimneys
The old roof had no leading as it used a concrete and tile fillet to prevent leaks around the chimney. On the new roof we would use lead for a professional job.
Starting to cut the required pieces on lead.
A    ladder is required top access the chimney.
The first task is to cut out the joints using an angle grinder so that the lead canbe fitted.
The    slots completed.
Fitting the aluminium soakers behind each tile.
Cutting the lead for the top of the main chimney.
All the soakers have now been fitted.
More lead work - this all needs careful measurement!
The    lead work now fitted on the chimney.
The    welding equipment.
Welding the lead at the top of the main chimney.
A pre-prepared piece of lead for the back chimney.
Work    starts on the back chimney with fitting the soakers.
The side of the back chimney.
The back chimney completed.
Another view of the back chimney.
And another!
A close to show how the lead is held in the slots using slivers of lead prior to concreting
The nicely welded lead at the top of the main chimney.
All    done in a day.
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