Re-pointing the chimneys - A detailed photo record of reroofing a detached house i thr UK

Reroofing a detached house
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Re-pointing the chimneys

I decided that we should have the chimneys re-pointed while we had the scaffolding up as the mortar was rather soft and we had solitary bees creating many holes in the mortar.
As you can see there are quite a few holes in the mortar!
As    you can see there are quite a few holes in the mortar!
Especially    this one!
Many of the holes were created by solitary bees.
Additional scaffolding needed to be added to enable safe access to the chimneys.
The    second chimney scaffolding
And, from the front.
Scaffolding makes nice and easy access to the chimneys.
Quite    a handy home-made tool for holding the mortar while pointing. I like this.
The    work begins with Gary at the helm.
The front of the chimney now looks a lot better after a few hours work.
As does the side.
Darren starts to angle grind the joints on the second chimney.
And the other side of the chimney too.
The weather this week has been dreadful compared to the hot weather experienced by the roofers in April.
Pointing    continues on the main chimney in spite of drizzle.
Coming along...
It really piddle with rain one night so I covered the chimney up with a sack.
A    lot of dust on my nice new roof!
Nearly finished the pointing of the main chimney.
And the other one too.
Now starting the cementing around the chimney pots.
Concreting around the pots on the main chimney.
Finishing the grouting on the second chimney.
Job done!
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