Battening - A detailed photo record of reroofing a detached house i thr UK

Reroofing a detached house
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Felting and battening the stripped roof
The breathable felt is laid horizontally overlapping the the row below.

Alternate battens are laid to make the roof watertight as quickly as possible. Once this has been achieved the other battens are in-filled. This also makes the job easier.

A length of plastic damp course is laid over the facia panel to direct water into the gutter.
In-filling the battens from the top.
Cutting off the battens to the right lengths.
A helper is a must!
The roof as seen from inside the attic.
Working down towards the facia all the battens are nailed down.
The re-battened side roof.
Battening is added to the hip.
A view lifting the damp course laid over the facia board.
Wow, a lot of broken tile mess to be cleared away from the side roof.
The front and the side roofs re-felted and re-battened.
The    new hip roof felted and battened - it looks nice!
More    of the roof stripped and battened.
Now whole front of the house has been completed.
Work begins on the back of the house.
Yet    more mess!
And    now felted and battened.
The whole house has now been completed and it only took a few days because of the good weather!
Felting and battening the back of the garage is pretty much the last job on the project.
Now fully battened.
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