Materials - My House Extension

A two storey extension
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Materials ready for the start!

Travis Perkin delivering the blocks and other materials.
The delivery lorry in action trying to miss hitting the house!
All the blocks have been delivered before the build has started.

All we need to do now if for Helen and I to hump them all across the garden so there is space for bricks to be delivered!

We have so little room available.
We moved all the blocks by hand as we had nowhere else to put other stuff when it arrives.
A batch (of many) of cement required to build the walls up to the damp proof course.
I laid everything out in the right places for the bricklayers when they arrived to start the foundation work.

I believe it is important to keep things tidy as it saves time in long run.
The insulation to be used in the wall cavity.
The wood for the floor joists has arrived!
Some of the other materials obtained before the build began were the lintles and the two very heavy lengths of 250mm by 250mm oak for the windows.

I think it is very important to get everything ready for the workers throughout the project and to keep things neat and tidy throughout.
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