Building the roof - My House Extension

A two storey extension
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Building the roof

The next big task was to build the wood roof structure using pre-ordered pre-built roof trusses.
I had never used such things before but it all turned out OK as they within 1 cm of the actual width of the roof.

All the roof woodwork was completed within two days as per plan.
The  first task was to remove the tiles to gain access to wall plate on the main house.

One end of the trusses would be resting on this.
All the trusses were mounted and correctly spaced.
We needed to start planning the position of the valley beteeen the old and the new roofs
Building the floor of the valley.

I wanted to make it wide enough for me to walk on it if I needed to to clean it.
The bottom and sides of the valley were lined with marine plywood.
The new roof needed to be extended to fit into the old roof behind the chimney.
Pieces of wood were nailed to the old rafters.
The gap was then filled with hand-crafted structure.
The valley was finished and some tiles replaced on the old roof.

Well, we had to have one disaster and this was it! The weather had been excellent throughout the build until the night the carpenter finished his work. There were high gales and heavy rain in the middle of the night and we were woken by water pouring into our bedroom!

The valley was leaking! I had to go out to the roof in the dead of a dark night, in what seemed to be a whirlwind and heavy rain to lay down more moisture membrane while it was blowing around to stop the leaks. If it wasn't so serious it would have been funny!

I honestly never really thought about this on the previous day and it was obvious that if it rained some water would get into the house. I came back into the house that night absolutely soaked but I had stopped the leaks.

The underside of the roof trusses resting on the main house wall plate.
The last job was fitting the facia board to line up with that in the main house. The soffit board would be added later.

This was not as easy as it seemed.
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